Three Ways to Seal Your Caulk Cartridge
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Three Ways to Seal Your Caulk Cartridge

Honestly, not using your caulk entirely won't make or break your project budget, but why waste what you can use later? Here are three quick tips to show you how to preserve your open caulk tube.

Tip One: Use a nail and tape

If you cut a large hole in the caulk cartridge nozzle, our go to method is to seal the hole using a large nail. Drop the nail in the nozzle. Then wrap the nozzle with masking or electrical tape. This will prevent moisture from entering the tube and drying out your caulk.

Tip Two: Use plastic wrap

For smaller holes, we recommend using plastic wrap. Make sure that you have enough plastic wrap to cover the nozzle and that it has a few layers of thickness. Before you apply the plastic wrap, allow a small amount of caulk to extend from the nozzle. This will prevent any air from entering the cartridge. Wrap this in masking or electrical tape for an extra layer of protection.

Tip Three: Use an old latex or rubber glove

If you have an old latex or rubber glove around the house, simply cut off one of the finger tips and cover the caulk cartridge nozzle. Wrap this in masking or electrical tape as well.

Bonus Tip: Store in a plastic bag

Regardless of which method you choose,  also store the caulk in a plastic bag to extend the life of the cartridge.

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