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Efficient Product Development & Production

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility includes innovative techniques and robotic resources. Whether you’d like to use our proven formulas or yours, our team can manufacture your sealant or patch products.

Cartridge and Tub

A Variety of Product & Packaging Options

We offer many packaging options as well as graphic design services. Customers have the option of using their current design or employing our Marketing Team to create custom packaging artwork.


Third-Party Shipping

Our distribution center’s central location allows us to efficiently ship all to either U.S. coast in two days. From our Pryor facility, we ship to 60+ countries.

Technology Options

Acrylic Sealant




Modified Silicone (MS)

Packaging Options

9, 10, 29 oz Cartridges

Round Pails

Squeeze Tubes

Foil Sausage Packs