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Products We Love

In honor of this month of love, we’d like to highlight some of the products that our users love, especially during the winter season. Mother Nature can be a bit unpredictable, but luckily, these products can make winter a little easier to weather.


If you’re like us then you are not a fan of ice covered walkways. One quick fix to clear your path is using the SLAMSCRAPER® Impact Tool. This tool quickly became a crowd favorite for helping our users to conserve their energy and spend less time while remove ice from their driveways and sidewalks. The sturdy impact handle creates a chisel effect that helps to multiply the force used without wearing out the user. Pros and homeowners also use this tool to quickly and easily remove tile, linoleum, carpet, roofing and other adhesive coverings.


Click here to see the SLAMSCRAPER® Impact Tool in action.

Expanding Polyurethane Spray Foam Sealant

The drafts coming from gaps around windows, doors, pipes and outlets can become very apparent in the winter. When they need to insulate these areas quickly, many Pros and homeowners turn to polyurethane spray foam. These foams typically expand to fill in gaps and often create an airtight and water-resistant seal that keeps warm air in while, and pests and the elements out. Our Foam & Fill Small Gaps & Cracks and Large Gaps & Cracks products are great options. They are better for the environment because they contain no HCFCs or CFCs and can be sanded, painted or stained.



Silicone caulks or sealants have a reputation for having a dry time that keeps you waiting. We all know how nerve-wracking it can be trying to complete an outdoor project, while keeping your fingers crossed that no moisture washes away your hard work. Pros and homeowners love this feature-packed sealant. StormGuard®-920 is a top-shelf sealant made with a premium 100% silicone that creates a watertight, permanent seal within 30 minutes. Even more than that, StormGuard®-920 is recognized by the USDA, meets the highest FDA requirements and exceeds the highest test method for joint expansion (ASTM C-920). It is not only low odor, but it is also non-corrosive and comes with a durability lifetime guarantee. This product can be used on a long list of surfaces and comes in seven colors. Click here to learn more about StormGuard®-920.


Multi-use Tool

We are firm believers that the products we use should make life easier, not more complicated. No one wants to have to worry about lugging around a heavy toolbox or digging through a pile of tools to find the right one. This is why our Pros and homeowners love our multi-functional tools. These tools durable tools not only come equipped with a high-carbon, rust-resistant blade, but they also give you the versatility of multiple essential tools in one compact device. While battling this winter weather it is much easier to grab one tool that can function as more. Harness the functionality of essential tools that help you get your project done like screw drivers, wrenches, hammers, scrapers, nail setters and more.