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Our Top Three Product Recommendations for Builders

To create quality buildings, we understand builders are always looking for quality products. Using the right product can help a builder successfully complete their project effectively and efficiently. To save you time, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite professional products. 0915

Foam & Fill® Fire Block Foam Sealant

For those who are looking for an expandable spray foam to inhibit the spread of fire within their building walls, Red Devil has the Foam & Fill® Fire Block Foam Sealant.  This product is a ready to use polyurethane expanding foam for filling, insulating and sealing gaps, cracks, and openings in buildings' interior and exterior. Fire Block is a Type V Residential sealant that has been evaluated per ICC-ESR-3402 for interior and exterior use. It has also been tested according to ASTM E 814 NFPA 286. IMG_3726-38

Duct Sealant & Scrim Tape

To properly seal ductwork quality products are a must. We recommend using Red Devil's Prem-O Tape to fortify your air duct joints and seams. This non-shrinking fiberglass scrim reinforcement tape was made to meet your HVAC/Drywall needs. Red Devil also manufactures a full line of high-quality, water-based duct sealants and the accessories needed to successfully complete the job. Whether the project is commercial or residential, our duct sealant line includes options in smooth gray, as well as fiber-reinforced white and gray versions. These duct sealants are LEED® EQ 4.1 compliant, have low VOC, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are mold and mildew resistant. They also have excellent adhesion and flexibility. These products are available in buckets and tubes to allow for ease of use in sealing all areas of ductwork to help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. 0776_06.jpg

Construction Adhesive

Red Devil's General Purpose Construction Adhesive is a high-quality professional strength adhesive. This product is VOC-compliant, solvent-free, contains no ozone-depleting chemicals and is easily cleaned up with water. It is versatile and ideal for stone, marble, hardboard, gypsum, wallboard, slate, ceramic tile, polyurethane, and polystyrene foams. This non-flammable product forms a strong bond and meets ASTM C-557 and AFG-01 standards.

More About Our Quality Products

All of the products Red Devil manufactures undergo extensive quality checks before being distributed. In our laboratories, we do our part to make sure each element, down to the raw materials, is checked to make sure it meets the manufacturers’ specifications before it continues to our production floor. We are also diligent about keeping a samples of products on a batch by batch basis for one year so that we have the ability to identify and rectify quality complaints.

Our company is also committed to making sure our manufacturing operations also adhere to ISO 9000 standards.

"Quality is of the upmost importance to our company. Our employees learn how to manufacture products correctly and safely first and foremost. Productivity comes with time – having a number of long-term employees as well as automated processes helps us be productive and continue to provide our customers with the best products possible.”

Alan Crupper, Vice President of Marketing

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