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Our Favorite News Stories From the Web

We are always working to stay up to date on news affecting our industry. Take a look at some of the recent news stories we found interesting.

Construction Spending Diverges in April as Public Sector Investment Surges, Private Nonresidential Projects Slip and Single-Family Homebuilding Stalls

Construction spending was unchanged from March to April, with mixed results by project type for the month and for the year to date, according to an analysis today by the Associated General Contractors of America of new federal spending data. Association officials warned that tariffs and countermeasures by U.S. trading partners are adding costs and uncertainty to construction projects and are potentially reducing demand for numerous types of projects.

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The Dotted Line: How to make the most of contingency funds

When it comes to meeting deadlines and budgets, a little bit of a cushion is always a plus for contractors. That could come in the form of some extra time built into the schedule or as additional material that saves the day when, for instance, an inexperienced worker butchers a few pieces of drywall.

The same can be said for extra money tacked onto a project’s budget.

Contingencies are additional line items established above and beyond the expected cost of construction in order to cover unanticipated costs. But one size does not fit all.

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Bridging Construction’s Talent Gap with Learning Workers

The construction industry faces a growing workforce shortage and talent gap that could impact productivity and workflow by 2020. Construction is now commonly cited as one of the hardest industries to recruit and retain talent, especially when it comes to finding skilled laborers and project leaders.

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Mapping high-impact construction across the US

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 12.30.43 PM

Construction Dive is excited to introduce our project tracker — an interactive tool to engage with some of the top projects underway spanning mixed-use, commercial, infrastructure, and many more categories. Most of these structures are valued at $1 billion or more, but you’ll also find development hubs between the coasts, and outside the largest U.S. metros.

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The Top 3 Safety Factors Affecting Construction Teams Today

With the ever-increasing focus on safety in the construction industry, it is important to consider safety from a broad perspective—including everything from specific practices adopted on-site to companywide process and cultural changes that impact the way projects are approached. A recent set of studies by Dodge Data & Analytics, published in the Contractor Use of Safety Best Practices SmartMarket Brief, revealed several ways for contractors to better address safety, both on their projects and within their companies.

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Tariff Talk: Economic impact of a trade war

This in-depth analysis of the latest news about tariffs on steel and other metals provides a snapshot of the effects tariffs are having on the industry. Wood Mackenzie - global energy, chemicals, renewables, metals and mining research, and consultancy group — gives a five-point analysis on how a burgeoning tariff-fueled trade war between the U.S. and China will affect materials such aluminum, copper, steel, nickel, and the global economy.

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What interesting news coverage have you seen recently? Comment below to share with us the industry news that has gotten your attention.