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Lightweight Spackling Innovation Leader

Home Improvement Executive Magazine has named Red Devil as the Innovation Leader in Lightweight Spackling for our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling product. Below are a few things we’re sure the judges and our customers love about our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling.

Light, Smooth and Easy to Use

This product has been a favorite of both Pros and DIYers because of its ease of use and quality. Onetime® Lightweight Spackling is not only lightweight like the name suggests, but the pre-mixed formula also has a creamy consistency that makes the product easy and quick to use. This product can make it look like there were never any dents, cracks or holes in your interior and exterior surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood and stucco. After one application, our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling is ready to paint in minutes, because it dries so quickly and sanding is not necessary. You also won’t have to worry about it slumping, shrinking, flaking or cracking.

Great product. I wanted something that would spread smoothly and easily, and not shrink. Check and check.


We use to call this "Air Spackle” It saves a bunch of time and you can always coat over it with vinyl spackle. Big nail pops and other dents and bruises are easily repaired and it saves time and sands well too. I have even used this over fiberglass tape with no issues. Its fast and a durable cheap fix for the rough jobs.


Good for the Air

Onetime® Lightweight Spackling is indoor air quality certified. This means that you can rest assured that when you choose to use it on your next project, you don’t have to be concerned about your or your family breathing in harmful chemicals. This Red Devil product meets the GreenGaurd certification standards.

The GREENGUARD Certification Program (formerly known as GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification) gives assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors. Achieving GREENGUARD Certification gives credence to manufacturers’ sustainability claims, backing them with empirical scientific data from an unbiased, third-party organization. 

World Wide Customers

Professionals and DIYers all over the world faithfully use our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling. This product is recognized and valued by customers not only in North America, but also in South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Although some things may not translate well, superior quality seems to be one thing that is universally understood.

Made in America

Although the love of Onetime® Lightweight Spackling spans across the globe, it is actually manufactured right here in America. This, along with many of Red Devil’s products, are made at our facility in Pryor, Oklahoma. Having a factory that is centrally located in the U.S. allows for us to ship our products to just about anywhere in the world in a timely fashion.

I'm amazed how light this container is. I thought it might be half empty at first, but of course it's not. I used this to fill in four pea-sized holes in a ceiling. It was easy to spread into the holes and it dried fine. It uses a standard snap in place lid which will prevent it from drying out. Well worth it. 


AMAZING PRODUCT. If you are spackling with any other product you are doing it wrong. This product goes on easier, does not require sanding and is paintable sooner. Life saver for parents on the go or generally busy homeowners.

Steve (5 Stars)

Square Tubs and Kits

One of the most unique things about our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling is that it is offered in both a square tub and a kit. Our square tub makes this spackling easy to stack and store, which cuts down on the amount of space it could take up in your home or job site. The square design also helps the tub to stay put, this reduces the likelihood of the product rolling around in your car during transport or falling over if it’s bumped while being stored in your garage. This awesome space saver gets taken a step further with the kit.

For DIY projects, our all-inclusive Onetime® Lightweight Spackling 4 Piece Repair Kit comes with everything you may need, including a quart of Onetime® Lightweight Spackling, a 4”x 4” patch that permanently repairs your damaged walls or ceilings for professional results, a 3”x 5” putty knife that gives you effective control over the application and 120 grit sandpaper that allows you to achieve a smooth, impeccable finish.

Click here to learn more about our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling or visit our “Where to Buy” section to see where it is sold.

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