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Fun Facts in Red Devil® History

Red Devil, Inc. is a company with a rich and interesting history. Below are a few fun facts from our past.

We've Been Around

Red Devil® is actually more than a century old. Also since our founding in 1872, we have had many homes. Red Devil began in Hill, New Hampshire. Red Devil was also headquartered in Union Station, New Jersey before moving our operations base to Oklahoma. We are very proud that our company is family-owned and based in the U.S.

Red Devil airplane

We're Featured in the Smithsonian

In our past, Red Devil® owned a Beechcraft plane that would be used for business travel. The company pilot was a retired WII fighter pilot. Our leadership generously donated the plane and it became the first business plane to be donated to the National Air Museum of the Smithsonian.

We Supported the Troops

One of our proudest moments in Red Devil® history is being able to assist our government and support the men and women fighting for our country during WWII. During this time there was an increased need for quality pliers. To respond to this need, Landon P. Smith Co. supplied most of the "Red Devil" side cutting pliers to the US government for the WWII war effort.


We Made History

In our Red Devil® history, there are a lot of firsts that we are proud of.

  • When we opened our $2.5 million manufacturing and distribution facility in Pryor we made history as the largest industrial employer in Northeastern Oklahoma at that time.
  • Our ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling was the first lightweight spackling on the market. Although it has been around for decades, this product continues to win awards for being an innovative product.
  • With our LIFETIME® Ultra 230 Premium Acrylic Sealant, we were the first company to produce a sealant that included a quality and durability guaranteed for the life of your home.

Red Devil’s Founder Made the News

Some may have described Landon P. Smith as an innovative promoter which was necessary to be an effective salesman in the late 1880s. When he retired to Florida from New Jersey he just couldn’t get “promotion” out of his system. He would submit articles to the local newspaper claiming that he had grown the largest tomato and have a photo of himself with the oversized tomato. One of the most intriguing stories details him “ambushing” John D. Rockefeller. He knew Rockefeller took daily walks and on one of his morning constitutionals, Smith hired and hid a photographer to take a picture just when Smith encountered Rockefeller on the path. The next day there was an article in the paper with the photo and a caption entitled “Retired businessman Landon P. Smith discusses business matters with John D. Rockefeller.”

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