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Family Talk: Getting to Know Some of Our Red Devil Employees

The driving force behind Red Devil is definitely the employees that make up the Red Devil Family. With out the commitment, innovation, knowledge and hard work of each one of them, Red Devil would not be the company it is today.

To allow you to get to know some of the wonderful people who work to make sure Red Devil produces quality products and excellent customer service, we decided to sit down with members of our team to learn more about their journey at Red Devil, their favorite products and what they enjoy most about their jobs.

Curt T.

Kurt True

I have been with Red Devil more than 35 years and started at the company when I was 19 years old. I started in the formulation department and have worked all over the company since then. I now work with the lab and share my knowledge of our products to help make our products better. I’ve also been named the Historian of Red Devil by our CEO. Red Devil is a real good company. It is family oriented and gives back to charity.  I like that. I think we make good products and I’m proud of that.

Greg S.

Greg Silva

I’ve been with Red Devil for 11 years and have grown with the company so that now I am a line operator. I think Red Devil is a pretty good company to work for and I recommend anyone to come out and join our team. I use our products often, especially our ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling. I recommend that everyone give it a try. You’ll love it.

Dave D.

Dave Dixon

I started with Red Devil in the maintenance department 5 years ago. I’ve worked for a few bad companies and Red Devil definitely isn't one of them. One of my favorite things about this company is good people who work here. I think we manufacture great products. I use them all of the time, especially the Kitchen & Bath Stainblock sealant.

Deborah T.

Deborah Thompson

I have worked at Red Devil for 10 years  in multiple departments. Now I am proud to help make sure our online customers receive their product by working in our online fulfillment department. I think Red Devil is a great place to work!

Justin H.

Justin Hopper

I have worked at Red Devil for two years and I love my job because it challenges me. Red Devil is a company that cares about their employees and are constantly striving to make the company, their products and employees better. I use many of our products, like our King Kaulk, and I think we make good stuff. Every one should give our products a chance and see what Red Devil has to offer.

Sara T.

Sara True

I started with Red Devil two years ago as a temporary employee and now I am a permanent member of our Quality Assurance department. I like being able to test our products and work with the lab to make our products better. I use many of our products in my home and have recently used them for DIY projects in my bathroom. ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling, our pre-mixed Vinyl Spackling and Kitchen & Bath Stainblock sealant are some of my favorite. Red Devil is a made of great people, and that makes it great company to work for.