Creation & Innovation: Onetime® Lightweight Spackling Projects
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Creation & Innovation: Onetime® Lightweight Spackling Projects

After the first blog of off-the-wall spackling ideas, there were still so many other creative uses that we did not have room to share. We hope this follow up will be an inspiration for you the next time you use OneTime® Lightweight Spackling. 

Although there are many ways to use our lightweight spackling it is commonly used conveniently to repair holes or dents, there are many types of creative projects where spackling can be used.  

Creative Uses for Spackle

1. I Can't Smell the Flowers

Have you ever wondered how wax flowers are created? Did you know that spackling can be used in the creation of wax flowers versus the standard norm of Plaster of Paris? 

Tools Onetime®Lightweight Spackling Paint (Possibly) Artificial Flowers

It's effortless. First, begin stirring the spackling or add paint to the spackling if you want a specific look or color. Next, dip the artificial flowers in the painted spackling and lay them out on wax paper to dry. We will warn you that it will be almost impossible to get each one perfect, so have fun and enjoy the process. Finally, after fifteen to thirty minutes of dry time, they will be ready for use. 

Tip: You can also dress up the flowers by adding bottle caps or anything circular to the flowers' inner part; for more information and process, clike here.

2. Feathering the Canvas

Although some may feel that a canvas is not as original as spackling on a wall or creating a small model, the distressed pattern created on this canvas made for a very creative project. This video by user ViN Haley-Buen shows how painting and spackling can be used in combination to create a textured image. Although there has been a reciprocated relationship between spackling and paint, paint is typically used to camouflage a spackling project. We like this artistic use of paint and spackling much better.

Tools Onetime®Lightweight Spackling Canvas Trowel or Putty Knife Paint

First, you'll need a canvas to paint on or a surface to trowel the spackling. Next, you can mix the paint and spackling before applying. Then apply paint to the canvas as an initial coating/background (everything will go on top of this background.) Finally, take a stencil and place it on the canvas and begin painting over the stencil so the paint bleeds into stencil cracks and onto the canvas. You can also choose one or multiple paint colors to go on top of the initial coating/background. 

Sound a bit confusing? Sometimes it can be, so if you would like to see the process in more detail, view a fantastic tutorial here.

3. Bricking It In

Have you ever wanted to build a brick wall in your home but were concerned about the cost? Did you know that you can give off the same effect as a brick wall by using spackling, paneling and a little creativity?  This project idea looks great and may save money.

Tools Onetime®Lightweight Spackling Brick Paneling Trowel

First, take the brick paneling and begin spreading spackling over it until you get the desired amount you are looking for. Then continue doing this until the spackling is dried. Next, use a whitewash coat of paint mixed with water to help seal in what is underneath.

This process should only take a few hours and save you money in the process. Spackling's creative function on a wall is similar to our everyday uses for Onetime®; however, this is a change of things, or should we say a change of bricks.


Would you like to see more of the process? If so click here.

4. Aged Spackling

Although this idea is typically used with paint, mixing our spackling with paint will work just as well. This project helps create the look of the old European style architecture or a stucco-like drywall effect. 

Tools Paint Onetime® Spackling (2-3 tubs) Trowel Canvas or Wall

This idea is straightforward to accomplish; however, it can be a little detailed with the paint because it is meant for more than one color. You mix each desired paint color into a portion of Onetime®. Then begin troweling Onetime® across the wall until you get your desired look. You may have to use two to three Onetime's tubs if you want a complementary color scheme.

For more information, click here.

Creativity From the Red Devil® Family

We challenged our employees to create innovative and creative projects with our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling. Below are a few of our favorite off-the-wall project submissions.

This patriotic piece was created by Maison S.

We loved this beach sunset scene created by Rusty R.

This cherry blossom creation was made by Sherri Y.