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August Home Checklist: Indoor Projects

Although August is almost over, there's plenty of time to knock some of the below indoor projects off your to-do list and prepare for the cooler weather.

Create Your Back to School Organization Plan.

Now that the school session is right around the corner, begin thinking of things you may need to do to make the season run more smoothly. Does your entry way need to be reorganized, would cubbies or hooks help better handle bags and coats, or do you need a more effective system to keep track of papers from school or work? Now is the time to think through these things so your home can run more effectively and efficiently.

Check Your Emergency Kits.

Although we hope it is never necessary, it is best that your home is prepared with emergency supplies. Make a point to check your kit this month and replace any food or medicine that could be expired. Also be mindful to replenish anything that could be running low. If your home doesn’t have one, be sure to grab a kit this month or create one with your own supplies.

Clean Carpets and Floors.

The summer months can be hard on your floors. This is a great month to make a point to give them a little TLC. Whether it’s vacuuming, mopping or getting your carpets professionally cleaned, make the time this month to rid your home of any dirt, sand or dust that could be on or in your flooring.

Organize Your Closets.

For those of you who have an extensive closet, this is a great month to go through your closet to see what can be given away. Be sure to try on your clothes to see if they still fit the way you desire them to and make a note of items you would still like to purchase in the coming months. If you store your winter clothing separately, start preparing to transition your wardrobe now so that you are ready once the cooler weather rolls in.

Check HVAC Filters to Reduce Allergens.

The month of August can bring discomfort for many allergy sufferers. To help make things a little more bearable, be sure to check your HVAC filters to help keep the air in your home as allergen-free as possible.

Need help keeping track of this checklist? Download a printable copy here.

Check Your Washing Machine Connections.

The high heat and increased activity of the summer months typically signal more wear and tear on your washing machine. The extra use is a good reason to check the condition of your water supply hoses. If you see any parts that are worn or bulging, it may be time to change them out or call a professional.

Prep Your Furnace For Winter.

The last thing any homeowner wants is for their furnace to call it quits during the winter, so before the temperature begins to drop, give your furnace a little attention. This month, put it on your to-do list to schedule a tune-up and inspection for your system so that you can be prepared now for any maintenance it may need.

Clean Out Your Kitchen.

August is a great month to give your kitchen a little more attention. This is a great time to go through your cabinets and remove any expired food and to do a deep clean on them and your fridge. It is a great idea to check your fridge for any outdated food and to remove all of the shelves and wash them of any lingering residue from food that may have been spilled.

Wash and Disinfect Your Trashcans.

If you haven’t yet done it this season, wash and disinfect your trashcans. This is a simple task that could help the overall health, and smell of your home.

Test Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Filters.

Double check your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide filters and any other alert mechanisms in your home to make sure they are in good working condition to get your attention in an emergency. You should actually make a habit of doing this every month.

Flush Your Hot Water Heater.

To maintain the efficiency of your hot water heater, periodic flushes are needed. August is a great month to check this off of your to-do list. Flushing your system allows you to clear out the silt deposit that may have settled at the bottom of your water heater. Removing this may allow you to have a cleaner water supply.

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Need help keeping track of this checklist? Download a printable copy here.

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