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SKU: 4076
Red DevilĀ® Cartridge Caps protect unused caulks and adhesives. An insertion rod plugs the cartridge opening, forming a complete seal. Don't throw away unused caulk, when you can save on time and waste. This unique sealing method prevents sealants and adhe
SKU: 4052
Get professional results when caulking around tubs, sinks, windows, doors and other areas. This dual-function tool provides an easy solution for both removing old caulk and applying new.
SKU: 4079
The flexible head creates variable beads and can be used on any caulk joint. The tool keeps the fingers clean and works with both silicone and latex caulks.
SKU: 4075
Red DevilĀ® Caulk-Bead Variety Pack offers 3 sizes of detachable tips to ensure a consistent bead size of your choice. The preformed tips are already molded at a 45Ā° angle ensuring a professional look every time.
SKU: 4050CL
For professional and general use. Strong multi-purpose tool that won't bend for heavier jobs. Chisel edge on both ends. Finest hardened, tempered steel.
SKU: 4039
This Red Devil Combination 5 Gallon Lid & Bucket Opener is specially designed to conveniently open both 5-gallon bucket lids and 5-gallon bucket spouts all in one tool.
SKU: 106370
Our most popular model for general cutting, with steel wheel for the do-it-yourself craftsman. Made of zinc die cast. Standard glass - steel wheel/ball end.
SKU: 4044
Stainless steel blade, tough plastic handle. V-shaped end packs, shapes and trims new putty. Flat end removes putty.
SKU: 4049
Features 2 plastic trimming edges. 18" long edge for large areas; 6" short edge for hard-to-get-at corners. Keeps paint off carpets, walls, ceilings, frames, windows. Easy-grip contoured design.
SKU: 3989
Extreme Duty 9" Caulk Gun is a 26:1 thrust ratio applicator with 950 pounds of force! Use with high viscosity materials that are hard to extrude. Good for hybrid adhesives and epoxies.