Create-A-Color® Custom Color Caulk System

Product Details

The Red Devil Create-A-Color® Custom Color Caulk Mixing System is a simple and easy way for anyone to create custom-colored caulk in minutes. This patent-pending system allows on-the-job coloring of a single tube of caulk using ordinary latex paint. Watch the color change right before your eyes - the results are amazing!

A must-have systems for painters, decorators, contractors, tile installers, masons, plumbers, wallpaper hangers, and even home-owners! This innovative system allows you to match your caulk with fixtures, countertops, tile, walls, wallpaper and more.

  • Either the Standard Mixer (sturdy plastic)
  • Or the Professional Mixer (durable metal)
  • Specially formulated Create-A-Color® Caulk
  • Syringe (for extracting paint)
  • Ordinary Latex Paint (sold elsewhere)
  • Tints a tube of Create-A-Color® Caulk in minutes
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Portable and convenient
  • Easy to clean and re-use
  • Patent Pending
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The Create-A-Color® Custom Color Caulk Mixer is designed for use exclusively with Create-A-Color® Caulk from Red Devil, Inc.

NOTE: Latex paint must be purchased separately.