Some trends are here today and gone tomorrow, but these trends definitely have staying power. If you need help deciding what trends will make your home more innovative in 2018, take a look at this list.


Accommodations for Multiple Generations

Whether it is called a mother-in-law sweet or a guest addition, a home design trend that we have seen, and are pretty positive will continue into 2018, is including living accommodations for extended family members. Home builders are accounting for the fact that more homeowners want to have a space for their aging family members. Most of these accommodations include a main-floor bedroom with an on-suite bathroom or a basement with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.


Getting Creative with the Walls

Many designers and decorators are proclaiming which trends will be big in 2018. They can’t agree on much, but they all agree that the envelope will continue to be pushed in creative ways when it comes to the walls in our homes. Whether you opt to be inspired by their 2018 paint color predictions and choose a lavender, water-inspired hue, looks like black indigo or green, we hope you create a look in your space that is exactly what you want. Textured and patterned wallpaper, or oversized artwork is said to be huge in 2018, as well as intricate tile designs. Whichever trend tickles your fancy, just see where the inspiration takes you.


Wider Doorways and Hallways

Many aging seniors are opting to continue living at home, so builders are having to think long term. A big home design trend that we are seeing are homes with wider doorways and hallways that are ADA accessible. Many seniors who choose to “age in place” may navigate their home by wheelchair or scooter. Another element being used for this population are pocket doors. These are popular because they take up less room than a traditional swinging door and have shown to be easier for some to operate.


Bring the Outdoors Inside

There are countless health benefits to including plants in your living space, but in 2018 the focus is on the benefit they add to your decor. Plants have always been a low-budget way to add to a design, but in 2018 we’ll continue to find new ways to creatively display them.


Tankless Water Heaters

A rising trend among homeowners who fancy themselves eco-friendly is the tankless water heater. They are touted to save energy and money because they provide hot water only on a as needed rate. Most of these heaters generate about 2 to 5 gallons per minute, come in both gas and electric models and take up less space than a traditional water heater.


Home Automation

Multiple devices have hit the market promising to make our lives easier and our homes more automated. We may be unsure of which device is best for us, but we definitely know that this trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We have entered the era of the Jetsons where most elements of our homes can be controlled by our phones or a remote. This genre includes smart plugs that allow you to remotely control any device plugged into them, as well as voice activated hubs that allow you to control multiple devices in your home from one central location.   


Household Interactivity

Home innovators are making it easier to use the essential things we feel we can’t live without- like our appliances. If your kitchen is your favorite room in your house, then you will be happy to know that the innovation of your appliances will definitely continue. Our slow cooker, tea kettles and coffee machines have already been upgraded to the level of “smart appliances.” These everyday appliances can now connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled by an app on your phone. Dinner can now start cooking whenever you want it to and your relaxing cup of tea can be waiting on you when you get home from work. One of the most exciting innovations was the smart fridge. This now gives you the ability to do a whole lot of great things, but next year, we’re sure the list of smart appliances will continue to grow.


Reimagining Old Furniture

With all of the technological advances in the home sphere, don’t forget that innovation starts with you. Repurposing old furniture or other items to give them a new life is a trend that we hope will always continue (at least it’s safe for 2018). Whether it’s using an old cabinet as a vanity or turning a wheelbarrow into a chair, making the old new again is a trend that should never end.



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