How To Create a Custom Caulk Color

Tintable caulk is one of the newest trends in the home building and renovation industry. Whether it’s for your own personal project or for a client, the ability to customize is essential to success. For so long, one of the elements of our building projects that couldn’t be customized was the caulk color, until now. You want red caulk? No problem! With Red Devil’s Create-A-Color Caulk Coloring System, you have everything you need to complete your custom project.

This premium product will save you time and money.

  • It has a 35 year durability.
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor because it is mildew resistant.
  • It can be cleaned up with water, so cleanup is simple.

Red Devil’s Create-A-Color Caulk Coloring System comes with two tubes of caulk, the mixing tool and a syringe. To create a customized caulk that seamlessly blends with any decor, simply follow the below directions.

Step One: Remove the plunger.

While holding the cartridge of caulk with the tip pointing down, squeeze the middle of the cartridge and remove the plunger. It may also be helpful to use needle nose pliers if you have trouble removing this piece.

Step Two: Clean the inner edges of the cartridge with a towel or napkin

Make sure the to clean about an inch down into to the cartridge. This will help you to get a good seal when it’s time to replace the plunger.

Step Three: Add paint

Using the syringe, add two teaspoons (10 ml) of your desired latex paint to the open end of the caulk cartridge.

Step Four: Attach the mixing tool and blend the mixture until it’s a uniform color

Attach the mixing tool by slowly pressing the propeller into the open end of the cartridge. Press the propeller all the way down before tightening. Be careful not to press down too quickly, this may cause caulk to come out of the spouted end. Tighten the mixing tool to ensure it’s securely fastened. To mix, push the handle up and down, rotating it 180 degrees. Keep mixing until the caulk is a uniform color. This could take 1-2 minutes. The caulk color will appear 2-3 shades lighter than your desired paint choice, but after it has been applied and has cured for 24 hours, it will match your paint exactly.

Step Five: Remove the mixing tool and settle the caulk

Once you have reached a uniform color, slowly pull the handle up and remove the mixing tool. Hold the cartridge vertically (with the spout facing down) and tap it on the edge of an even surface. This will allow the caulk to settle and release any air.

Step Six: Replace the plunger

Once the caulk has settled, squeeze the center of the cartridge until the caulk almost reaches the edges of the open end. Replace the plunger and release the cartridge. This will allow the plunger to be drawn back in and securely inserted.

Here are some other helpful tips for a successful project:

  • Create-A-Color Caulk must be tinted before applying.
  • Remove old caulk from the surface you intend to use and clean the area thoroughly.
  • Tape off the area for a more professional look.
  • Clip the off tip of spout at a 45° angle to desired size and puncture inner seal.
  • The calk cartridge can be used with a standard caulk gun.
  • Smooth caulk using a putty knife, then wipe away any excess with a damp cloth before the surfaces skin over.
  •  Protect the caulked surface from water for a maximum of 72 hours.
  • Rinse each piece of the mixing tool separately after each use in warm water. Also you can attach the mixing tool to a clean calk cartridge filled with soapy water and mimic the same mixing method to thoroughly clean the tool.


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