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SKU: 4049
Features 2 plastic trimming edges. 18" long edge for large areas; 6" short edge for hard-to-get-at corners. Keeps paint off carpets, walls, ceilings, frames, windows. Easy-grip contoured design.
SKU: 6295
This multi-functional tool allows you to have 19 essential tools in one.
SKU: 6291
This versatile painter's and decorator's tool can be used for a variety of professional and household applications.
SKU: 6251
Handy tool with seven uses: scraper, spreader, gouger, putty remover, paint roller cleaner, nail setter and nail puller.
SKU: 1710
Use to hold glass in picture frames or windows prior to applying putty (Glazing Compound). Zinc coated. Push easily into place with a putty knife. 55 pieces per package.
SKU: 1722
Use to hold glass in place prior to applying putty (Glazing Compound). Zinc coated. Push easily into place with putty knife. Approximately 150 pieces per package.
SKU: 3985
1/10 gallon, half-barrel with smooth rod and quick release mechanism. Holds most standard cartridges. Use for light to medium applications of glazing, sealants, caulks and other cartridge products.
SKU: 4041
Mix and stir paint quickly. For 5 gallon cans. Fits 1/2" power drills. Coated steel construction.
SKU: 4048
Lightweight, sturdy plastic. Fits tight corners. Reduces clean-up time.
SKU: 4053
Stainless steel metal edge reduces painting time of large areas. Use as trimmer, edger, vinyl wallcovering smoother, glass cutting guide. Can also be used as straight edge for cutting or scoring.