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SKU: 3937
This contractor grade, heavy-duty 13" ratchet style caulk gun features a steel half-barrel construction. Designed for professional use, this caulk gunā€™s ratchet technology is manufactured for maximum grip, strength and durability.
SKU: 3939
This professional grade 13" rotating barrel caulk gun with 10:1 thrust and a Drip Freeā„¢ feature is the ultimate caulk gun for applying your acrylic, silicone and polyurethane materials.
SKU: 3935
This 9ā€ composite caulk gun features a reinforced rotating barrel that allows for ease of use and maximum control in hard-to-reach areas. Its smooth hex style push rod provides for an even, consistent application.
SKU: 3936
Whether you're completing a sealant project at home or on the job site, this 9ā€ half barrel hex rod caulk gun offers smooth action, precise application and ease of use.
SKU: 3989
Extreme Duty 9" Caulk Gun is a 26:1 thrust ratio applicator with 950 pounds of force! Use with high viscosity materials that are hard to extrude. Good for hybrid adhesives and epoxies.
SKU: 3970
The Foam & FillĀ® Pro Dispensing Gun is designed to provide accurate bead control in a quick, convenient way.
SKU: 3985
1/10 gallon, half-barrel with smooth rod and quick release mechanism. Holds most standard cartridges. Use for light to medium applications.
SKU: 3984
Heavy-duty, professional-quality skeleton caulking gun with "no drip" feature and ladder hook. Seal puncture tool and built-in spout cutter. 1/10 gallon barrel holds most standard cartridges.
SKU: 3987
Extra-large, heavy-duty uni-rail construction with hex piston rod and quick release lever. Fits quart-sized cartridges. Use for medium to heavy applications.
SKU: 3988
Revolving, easy-load barrel, with ā€œno dripā€ feature, alloy handle, smooth piston rod, and ladder hook. Heavy-duty construction but lightweight feel. 1/10 gallon barrel holds most standard cartridges.