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SKU: 6294
This multi-functional tool allows you to have 15 essential tools in one.
SKU: 4078
Ideal for hard to reach jobs as it creates an airtight seal and bends up to 180 degrees. For extended length, two or more attachments can be adjoined together.
SKU: 4251
The 4200 Professional Series of quality putty knives, wall scrapers and taping knives. Black nylon solvent-resistant handle is designed for maximum safety and dependability. Six uses: gouger, scraper, putty remover/crack cleaner, spreader, nail setter, an
SKU: 4036
This Red Devil 5 Gallon Pail Opener, with an easy grip handle, allows you to open plastic pails and metal cans quickly and easily without damaging hands.
SKU: 4260
Black nylon solvent-resistant handle is designed for maximum safety and dependability. High carbon, precision-ground steel blade is lacquered to prevent rust and extends through handle.
SKU: 4076
Red DevilĀ® Cartridge Caps protect unused caulks and adhesives. An insertion rod plugs the cartridge opening, forming a complete seal. Don't throw away unused caulk, when you can save on time and waste. This unique sealing method prevents sealants and adhe
SKU: 4052
Get professional results when caulking around tubs, sinks, windows, doors and other areas. This dual-function tool provides an easy solution for both removing old caulk and applying new.
SKU: 4079
The flexible head creates variable beads and can be used on any caulk joint. The tool keeps the fingers clean and works with both silicone and latex caulks.
SKU: 4075
Red DevilĀ® Caulk-Bead Variety Pack offers 3 sizes of detachable tips to ensure a consistent bead size of your choice. The preformed tips are already molded at a 45Ā° angle ensuring a professional look every time.
SKU: 4050CL
For professional and general use. Strong multi-purpose tool that won't bend for heavier jobs. Chisel edge on both ends. Finest hardened, tempered steel.