In the Headlines: Our Favorite Red Devil Features

We believe that our company and products are great, but it’s always nice to hear what others think too. We love when people choose to highlight what we are doing as a company and we are even more thrilled when someone likes our products enough to recommend them to others. Below is a compilation of some of our favorite product or company features from this year. Read More

How to Choose the Right Caulk For the Right Project

There are an overwhelming amount of different caulks out there and choosing the right one for the right job can be a little difficult. Here is a quick guide to eliminate the stress and help you to pick the perfect caulk for your project. Read More

Home Winter Woes & Their Prevention: Part 2

So you’re strolling along your driveway, minding your own business, when the sole of your shoe catches a slick sheet of ice and you end up on the other side of town with a bad headache and a heart bent on retribution (Old man winters has it coming!). Okay, so maybe tripping up on a bit of ice isn’t the end of the world, but it this winter characteristic along with other cold-weather perils, can be a safety hazard and major irritation. Below, a continuation of winter woes and prevention tips is listed. Read More