Tiny Home Living: Benefits & Drawbacks

Since the Tiny Home & Simple Living trend has garnered popularity again there has been lots of conversation about the benefits and drawbacks to this lifestyle. Whether you are considering this lifestyle or are just intrigued by it, check out our list below of the benefits and drawbacks that come with living tiny. Read More

Eight Tips for Dealing With a Water Damaged Home

Sometimes preventing water damage is out of our control. When the unthinkable happens and your home sustains substantial water damage, dealing with it can be frustrating. To help make the process a little less overwhelming, follow the below tips. Read More

How to Choose the Right Caulk For the Right Project

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Home Winter Woes & Their Prevention: Part 1

It may be the time of year “when the world falls in love” but that doesn’t keep mother nature from throwing a curve ball or two when you least suspect it. Before you take another bite of aunt Grelma’s fruit cake and watch another marathon of holiday films, you should make sure your home can resist the elements effectively. Below, common winter home issues and suggested tips for prevention are listed. Read More