A Day in the Life: In-House Video Marketing at Red Devil & How You Can Do It Too

If you have ever watched a webcast on the subject or looked into expert articles in the field, video marketing can seem pretty intimidating. You not only are expected to promote a product or service but you have to make it engaging to an audience within a limited time frame, have decent production value, clean editing, and a well planned campaign to market it on the Youtube or Google Display channels. Read More

Home Improvement Nightmares Part 2: Decrepit, Creepy Apartments

I know you dedicated DIYers and professionals are probably still recovering from the shocking part one of the Home Improvement Nightmares article, but the dark truth of those ramshackle living conditions must be told. The dilapidated haunted houses were bad enough with their lack of sound proofing, bad plumbing, and major bug problems, but the run down apartments of horrific pop culture  are truly something to behold. Read More