Three Tips to Seal in the Savings Over the Weekend

Summer is a great time to invest in your home and get Fall ready! To prepare for cooler weather, it is important to check a few key areas around your home to make sure that it is properly sealed. Below are some of our favorite home projects that help you to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce water damage without taking a lot of time. These projects help to seal in the savings and can easily be done over the weekend. Read More

All Natural Pest Prevention Tips

If you are like us, bugs rank high on your list of the “Worst Things About Summer.” There are so many pesticides and pest prevention products on the market, but many of them contain harsh chemicals that can have adverse effects on you and your loved ones. It’s possible that an effective solution could be found in your cabinet or in the food aisle of your local grocery store. Take a look at these all natural pest repellents that aim to keep a smile on your face and bugs away from your home. Read More

Eight Signs That Your Home Has Water Damage

Water damage is something every homeowner tries to protect their home against, but many have found that it can be a stealthy advisory. Water damage can be hard to detect until it reaches a significant and usually expensive level. These are our favorite tips to help you know where to look and what to look for so you can recognize the signs of water damage. Read More

How to Choose the Right Caulk For the Right Project

There are an overwhelming amount of different caulks out there and choosing the right one for the right job can be a little difficult. Here is a quick guide to eliminate the stress and help you to pick the perfect caulk for your project. Read More