Whether you are a paint pro or a novice, these tools can help reduce the amount of time and energy you waste the next time you tackle a paint project.


Multi-use Tools


If you are not using a multi-use tool on your paint project then it’s pretty likely that you’re wasting your time and energy. Every painter needs one of these tools in their toolbox. Multi-use tools are a great way to harness the power of multiple essential tools at once. They help your project run more efficiently and save you time and energy in the process.

When making the decision to purchase a multi-use tool, make sure it covers the functions of many of the tools you use most often when completing a project. Since there are many options available, it is also important to choose a tool that is well made. Look for tools that are made with quality materials and are resistant to solvents and rust. It is also a must-have for the tool to be full tang, or have a blade that extends through the handle. Considering these things will help you to choose a tool that is durable and long-lasting.


Tools We Recommend


Red Devil’s 4200 Pro Series Zip-A-Way® Painter’s 6-in-1 Tool functions as a scraper, spreader, gouger, putty remover, paint roller cleaner, and nail setter all in one convenient tool. It includes a solvent-resistant handle with a brass-plated, solid steel head and a high carbon, precision-ground steel blade that is lacquered to prevent rust and full tang for maximum durability.


Utility Holder or Extension Holder

Lugging a ladder around to paint high, hard-to-reach areas can be a drain on your energy and prolong your project. Easily finish jobs like this by using a brush extension and utility holder to extend the reach of your paint brush. Brush extensions not only add length but they can also reduce the strain and fatigue your back, shoulders and arms can experience when attempting to paint high areas. When you add a utility holder to the end of your brush extension it securely holds your brush in place and gives you the control you need to quickly apply the finishing touches to your project.

When making a decision to purchase one of these tools be sure to pick a standard extension pole that has the capability to attach to multiple types of devices like pole scrapers or utility holders. Purchasing an extension pole created to be a standard size will increase its versatility and allow you to get more use out of the product. Be sure to purchase a utility holder that can attach to a standard size extension pole, is manufactured from durable material, is threaded for a sturdy hold, and has the ability to securely keep your paintbrush, putty knife, scrapers, or other tools in place.

Tools We Recommend


Red Devil’s Utility Holder effortlessly adds length to your tool. Simply attach a pole and extend the reach of your paint brushes, putty knives and more. Made from durable plastic, this utility holder includes a tightening feature that allows users to securely fit a wide range of tools.


Trim Guard

Need to complete a quick touch up paint job or want to prevent getting paint on another wall or surface without enduring the time-consuming task of taping off an area? One quick solution is using a trim guard. Trim guards allow you to still get the crisp paint edge while preventing excess paint from getting on undesired walls, flooring, ceilings, frames, windows or trim.

When shopping around for a trim guard think through which size or material will best meet your needs. Trim guards come in various lengths, shapes, and materials. One tip is to purchase a trim guard that is versatile and has both a long edge for large areas and a shorter edge that can tackle corners.


Tools We Recommend


This Red Devil Dual-Edge Painter’s Trim Guard features 2 plastic trimming edges. The 18″ long edge is for large areas and the 6″ short edge allows you to flawlessly paint in hard-to-get-at corners. This trim guard’s easy-grip contoured design helps keeps paint off flooring, walls, ceilings, frames, windows and much more.


Paint Mixer

Utilizing a paint mixer will help you efficiently prepare your paint for your project without enduring hand fatigue. Although these mixers can come in various sizes and materials, utilizing them versus the handy wooden stick many paint shops give you definitely has its benefits. These paint mixers will help you to conserve your energy and ensure that your paint is mixed thoroughly from top to bottom.

Paint mixers are offered in various sizes, drill accessibilities, and materials, including plastic, silicone, and metal. Choosing the right paint mixer for you will depend on the volume and viscosity of the material you typically mix. Many paint mixers have the ability to mix only paint, while some can accommodate both paint and mud viscosities. Some paint mixers have the versatility of mixing 1-5 gallons while others are limited to one-gallon size. Also, be sure to check what drill size and speed the paint mixer can be used in conjunction with to make sure it will seamlessly integrate into your project.


Tool We Recommend


Red Devil’s Speed Demon® Paint Mixer is heralded as its best paint mixer. It is designed to mix all viscous fluids quickly and effectively in volumes of 1-5 gallons. This mixer can be used to mix paint, coatings, wall textures and adhesives. It also adapts to any 500-1500 rpm variable speed drill.


Brush & Roller Cleaner

When tackling a multi-color paint project it is imperative that you are able to change colors quickly and get on with your project. Using a paintbrush or roller cleaner can help to ensure a quick and thorough cleaning. These can not only be used to expedite a color change but can also speed up the cleanup process and prolong the life of your painting tools.

There are many types of brush and/or roller cleaner tools. Common types are the hand tools that include the paintbrush comb and roller cleaner features. These are typically offered as functions of painter multi-use tools. When considering purchasing one of these tools, make sure that they have features that reinforce their quality like steel construction, solvent-resistant handles, rust prevention and a blade that extends through the handle for maximum durability.

Another common roller and brush cleaning tool removes paint from the brushes or rollers by spinning them at a high-speed. When considering purchasing this type of brush or roller cleaner be sure to choose a version that allows for various sizes of brushes and rollers so that it can meet all of your cleaning needs. Also, be conscious that the tool includes quality construction so that you purchase a durable tool that will last.


Tools We Recommend


For those interested in a hand-held paint brush and roller cleaner, Red Devil offers the All-Purpose Painter’s Tool. This tool is created to be durable and long-lasting with a black nylon solvent-resistant handle and a high carbon, precision-ground steel blade. This blade is lacquered to prevent rust and full tang for maximum safety and dependability. The brass-plated, solid steel nail setting head can be used for setting drywall nails and other hammering jobs. This multi-use tool has multiple functions in one convenient tool. This tool can be used to scrape, pry nails, set nails, clean rollers, and clean brushes.


For those who want a hands-free paint brush and roller cleaner tool, Red Devil offers their Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner. This tool includes a durable, steel construction with ball bearing mechanism for smooth operation. It cleans paint brushes up to 6″ and paint rollers using high-speed centrifugal force.

Are there any paint tools that are essential to your paint projects that we didn’t mention. Comment below to let us know.


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  1. You often don’t see this type of tool review. Very good job sorting them out. And again very good job reviewing them the reviews were ono point and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I find it helpful to know that I should choose a paint scraping tool that is resistant to solvents and rust. My husband and I plan to turn our basement into an entertainment room. We have to scrape the inner wall scraping to transform the place, so I’ll follow your advice and purchase a rust-resistant multi-use tool. Thanks!

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