What makes Red Devil special is definitely its people. The employees that make up the Red Devil Family are committed, hard-working, innovative and knowledgeable. Without them, Red Devil would not be the company it is today.

To allow you to get to know some of the wonderful people who work to make sure Red Devil produces quality products and excellent customer service, we decided to sit down with members of our team to learn more about their journey at Red Devil, their favorite products and what they enjoy most about their jobs.



Spencer K.

I started with Red Devil in the formulation department five years ago, now I’m the department lead. There have been many improvements at the company that have made my job easier and continued our efforts to increase the quality of our products. There are many that I use myself. Red Devil has a good work environment and I enjoy working here.


Katie True

Katie T.

I have been with Red Devil for four years. I have had the opportunity to create many products and I am really proud of them. I love the formulation and chemistry side of my job and working with a tight knit group of people. I use many of our products in my own home, including the Lifetime Ultra 230 and our spackling line.


Kevin Schmoll

Kevin S.

I started working at Red Devil when I was 21 years old. I was hired to pack and stack boxes that came off the line. Now, over 30 years later, I am the supervisor over multiple production departments. At Red Devil, every day is exciting. I like that things are always different and something is always happening to keep me on my toes. I’ve been with Red Devil for a long time, and I can say it’s a great company to work for. They have always treated me well. I use many of our products at home, like our Kitchen & Bath Stain Block, LIFETIME® Sealant and ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling. Everything I’ve used has been good. I have no complaints.


Peggy Bledsoe

Peggy B.

I’ve been with Red Devil since 2010. I’ve stayed because I like the people I work with and the company. That’s the reason I’m here.  I started in the printing department and now I rotate between different positions and help where I’m needed. I use our products all of the time and our silicone ones are my favorite.

Juanita Little

Jaunita L.

I have been with Red Devil for more than 5 years. I like Red Devil as a company and have nothing bad to say about it. I started out in production, moved to shipping and now am a machine operator. Most days, I love my job.

Darren Thompson

Darren T.

I have been with Red Devil for more than 18 years. I started as a labor worker on 2nd shift and now I am a machine operator on 1st shift. I am with Red Devil because it is a long-lasting company. I use our products all of the time. King Kaulk is definitely my favorite. I think it is one of the best products we have.


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