We believe that our company and products are great, but it’s always nice to hear what others think too. We love when people choose to highlight what we are doing as a company and we are even more thrilled when someone likes our products enough to recommend them to others. Below is a compilation of some of our favorite product or company features from this year.

Quick and Easy Home Repair Solutions


[vimeo 287483653 w=640 h=360] Red Devil “Fall Home Refresh” on The Lifestyle List from Presley Media on Vimeo.

Our Red Devil Products were featured on WE TV’s the Lifestyle List and Daytime shows.  In their Fall Home Refresh segment, the host, Stefaney Rants, shared with viewers how ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling, our Pre-mixed Concrete Patch and Lifetime® Ultra 203 Premium Acrylic Sealant can be used to spruce up the unsightly cracks in and around their home.

To learn more about the projects she recommended, click the video above or read our Three Quick Fall Projects blog.

To signup for your free product sample of ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling mentioned in this video, please visit wallrepair.solutions.

*Product Samples available while supplies last

Products Pros Recommend

The hosts of the FIX IT Home Improvement podcast delve out their knowledge to help listeners choose the best products to successfully complete their projects. We have had the privilege of having our Red Devil products recommended multiple times.

This year our products were highlighted in the Drywall Tape and Patches – Home Improvement and Gutter Cleaning – Home Improvement episodes of their podcast.


Products for Your DIY Problems



Earlier this year our Red Devil Create-A-Color Caulk® was featured on the Home Repair Basics episode of Today’s Homeowner. While performing projects on the 60 year old home of Ted and Christine Prescott, the host, Danny Lipford, mentioned how our Create-A-Color Caulk® was a solution to seamlessly match your caulking to the color of your painted surface.

Watch the above episode to learn more about the Create-A-Color Caulk® and to also see the other projects that were completed. During this episode the host worked his team and the homeowners to fix: 

  • A broken doorbell
  • Drywall damage courtesy of a door knob and a broken door stop
  • Water damaged laminate flooring
  • Broken slats in a louvered closet door
  • A drafty door in need of weatherstripping and a threshold
  • A broken window pane
  • A moldy porch floor


Innovative Products

Gold Innovation Award Icon

We were thrilled when Home Improvement Executive Magazine awarded our ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling product the 2018 Gold Innovation Award in Lightweight Spackling. Home Executive Magazine evaluated ONETIME® among lightweight spackling from many of our competitors and deemed it was the leader in the category. 

If you haven’t tried ONETIME®Lightweight Spackling yet, signup for a free product sample at wallrepair.solutions.

*Product Samples available while supplies last

Click here to learn more about our ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling or visit our “Where to Buy” section to see where it is sold.


Our Ability to Meet Our Customer’s Needs

We were excited to be covered in Manufacturing Today’s “Exclusive Feature” section. In this article, they highlighted many of the ways our company works to meet the needs of our customers. Below is an excerpt where they discuss our commitment to quality.


All of Red Devil’s product batches undergo extensive quality checks before cartridges are filled. The company operates laboratories in its mixing area and research and development departments. In these laboratories, raw materials are checked to make sure they meet manufacturers’ specifications before going onto the production floor. A sample of each completed batch is also kept for one year in case quality complaints are received, says Alan Crupper, vice president of marketing for the Tulsa, Okla.-headquartered company. .

Quality is also stressed in the company’s training program for new employees. “Quality is of the upmost importance to our company,” he adds. “Our employees learn how to manufacture products correctly and safely. Having a number of long-term employees as well as automated processes helps us be productive and continue to provide customers with the best products possible.”

Red Devil’s manufacturing operations adhere to ISO 9000 standards, though the company let its formal certification lapse several years ago. “We reached the point where our customers were no longer requiring the certification, but we are still committed to following the [ISO] standards,” Crupper says.

Underwriters Laboratories’ GREENGUARD Environmental Institute certifies many of Red Devil’s products to have low chemical emissions, making them safe for use in schools and public facilities.


For more of this article, click to read our blog Manufacturing Today Feature: Red Devil is capable of producing large or small custom product runs. 





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