Last month we took care of the interior home projects, now it’s time to tackle these outdoor projects while there’s still time.


Check for Pests.

September is a great time to survey your home for any potential entry points or signs of pests. Most cracks around doors, windows and vents can be sealed using a caulk like Lifetime® Ultra -230 Premium Sealant Be mindful that during August and September is also the time that insects, like wasps, can become more aggressive so monitor for any wasp nests on the exterior of your home. Colonies can be located by scanning your lawn and watching for wasp activity close to the ground. If you notice activity, it may be time to use a wasp repellant or call in a professional.

Also be careful to eliminate any standing water to reduce attracting mosquitoes.


Clean and Organize The Garage.

September is a great time to take advantage of the warm weather and organize the garage before winter hits. You are bound to find items that can be donated or spaces that can be reorganized to accommodate the must-have items you can’t bear to give away. This is also a great time to put up any items you may have used during summer and make more accessible anything you may need for the fall and winter months. It also doesn’t hurt to clean out any excess dust, dirt or debris that has found its way into your garage.


Need help keeping track of this checklist? Download a printable copy here.

Inspect Your Roof.

Give your roof the once over to see if there are any areas that may need to be repaired before the cold air hits. Look for any broken shingles or missing shingles, damaged flashing or rust. These can be indications that your roof needs to be repaired.


Trim Dead or Dangerous Branches.

Now is the time to clear out any dead branches or those that may be close to your roof or any power lines. Assess any branches that could be potentially harmful and make a plan to have them removed. Be careful to call in a professional if you are not experienced at removal or if the branch’s placement would make it more difficult to remove.


Clear The Gutters.

The summer storms may have helped dirt and debris find its way into your gutters. To prepare for the cooler weather and to prevent any water damage, grab your ladder and clean out your gutters this month. Functioning gutters will help direct water away from your home’s foundation and clear gutters also prevent rodents and vermin from making a home in them.


Need help keeping track of this checklist? Download a printable copy here.


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