There are few things that are as unpredictable as storms brought by Mother Nature. So as a homeowner, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. It is often impossible to prevent calamity from hitting, but the experience gives us the opportunity to learn what to do next time and to rebuild with storms in mind. This means using quality products, like StormGuard®-920, that are proven to protect what matters most to you. This is the 100% silicone sealant you’ve been searching for to make your home storm ready. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of it’s features.


High Quality and Top Rated

When choosing a product to protect your home, quality is important. StormGuard®-920 is a top-shelf sealant made with a premium 100% silicone. Even more than that, StormGuard®-920 is recognized by USDA and meets the highest FDA requirements. To keep it short and sweet, you can rest assured that this product has been rigorously tested to make sure it does what it promises- protect your home.


Rainy Day Ready in Under 30

Silicone caulks or sealants have a reputation for having a dry time that keeps you waiting. We all know how nerve-wracking it can be trying to complete an outdoor project, while keeping your fingers crossed that no moisture washes away your hard work. With StormGuard®-920, rain is no longer your enemy. No more checking the weather report for the next 24 hours hoping that the forecast doesn’t unexpectedly change. StormGuard®-920 creates a watertight, permanent seal within 30 minutes.  By the time the first rain drop falls, your home should be storm ready.


Don’t Worry About the Smell

If you have used caulks or sealants time or two, then you may have noticed some of them have an overpowering odor. If that is a concern of yours, then worry no more. Red Devil’s StormGuard®-920 is a low odor caulk that allows you to breath easy and focus on the work at hand.




Hold on Tight

You can separate a good caulk or sealant from a great one by how well it does three things. Does it hold on for dear life, flex without breaking and stand the test of time?StormGuard®-920 not only creates a permanent, watertight seal, but it’s adhesion is so great that it can adhere to both wet or dry surfaces inside or outside of your home. StormGuard®-920 exceeds the highest test method for joint expansion (ASTM C-920). It is strong and flexible so as your home weathers the storm, your watertight seal will stay in tack.


No Cracks Here

The number one frustration most users have with caulks or sealant is after going through the trouble of applying it, it cracks. Save your time and energy with StormGaurd®-920. This premium 100% silicone sealant is non-corrosive, so it will outlast countless storms without cracking or shrinking. It’s durability comes with a lifetime guarantee.   



If you need to seal it, StormGuard®-920 is the caulk or sealant for you. Need to seal up your aluminum siding or skylight? No problem. Want to make sure the trim and gutters are storm ready? Piece of cake. Whether it’s the vents and pipes inside your home or the windows and doors on the exterior, StormGuard®-920 can give you peace of mind that your home is protected both inside and out.  Have a specific project in mind?StormGuard®-920 adheres to most common surfaces in your home, including metal, painted/unpainted wood, glass, plaster/drywall, aluminum, brick, vinyl, plastic, concrete, masonry, ceramic tile and glass.


Oh the Colors

We understand that you may want more options than white or clear for your silicone caulk of choice. For this reason StormGuard®-920 features a line of seven colors. Stay traditional with white or clear, or use our tan, almond, brown, gray or black to match your surface of choice. Regardless of what your preference is, StormGuard®-920 gives you the option to personalize your project without sacrificing quality.



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