Many of you may know a little about Red Devil’s, but there are a lot of interesting facts in our company’s past that you probably don’t know. Want to learn some of these unique tidbits? Great.

We’re Featured in the Smithsonian

In our past, Red Devil owned a Beechcraft plane that would be used for business travel. The company pilot was a retired WII fighter pilot. Our leadership generously donated the plane and it became the first business plane to be donated to the National Air Museum of the Smithsonian.

Red Devil Isn’t the Original Name

Our company was actually founded as Smith & Hemenway Company, Inc. While he was on a buying trip in Sweden, our founder, Landon P. Smith, heard a blacksmith remark “those little red devils” after sparks from a forge singed his arm. The name stuck in Smith’s mind and upon his return to the States, he began to label many of the tools he sold with the RED DEVIL® trade name.

We’ve Dabbled in Many Industries

Although our company has always had a focus on tools and home repair products, we have offered products in other areas as well. Some of the most interesting products include:

  • Automobile Parts- At one point in our history, we produced Ford Motor Kits.
  • Golf Tees- Thanks to George Lee, a former CEO, Red Devil once owned the patent for the wooden golf tee.
  • Shaving Razors- Producing straight-edge razors for personal grooming was a pretty smart move. Kudos to our leadership.
  • Side-cutting Pliers- Landon P. Smith Co. supplied most of the “Red Devil” side cutting pliers to the US government for the war effort during WWI.

We’ve Been Around

Red Devil is actually more than a century old. Also since our founding in 1872, we have had many homes. Red Devil began in Hill, New Hampshire. Red Devil was also headquartered in Union Station, New Jersey before moving our operations base to Oklahoma. We are very proud that our products are made and our company operates in the U.S.


We Have Double the Fun

Many know that Red Devil has always been a family owned and operated company. What you may not know (unless you participated in our weekly Throwback Thursday Challenge on Facebook) is that our current CEO is actually a twin.



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  1. That said, Red Devil tools was the corporate name after 1926, and if I’m not mistaken, most of those pliers were made in the Irvington, NJ plant before it moved to Union, NJ in the 1950’s

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