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We created the Red Devil Home Improvement blog to be a reliable resource to help you get your building, construction and renovation projects done and done RIGHT. We will keep you up to date on industry trends, how to’s and innovative tips and tricks to help you work harder and smarter.

Our goal is not only for you to learn from us, but also for us to learn from you. Although we have been creating tools, caulks and sealants for the pros since 1872, we don’t profess to know it all. We encourage you to share your knowledge with us, and the other readers of this site, by commenting on our posts and engaging in discussions. For those who would also like to contribute in a larger way, we would love to showcase you as one of our RD Pros.



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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Red Devil Home Improvement Blog

  1. I don’t do much on blogs (no time) but I’m wondering if you still make the 4046 window zipper. It’s a great tool when you need it and mine is getting worn out. Metal handle replacements or copies I’ve found aren’t as heavy duty or as strong. I found one on ebay and ordered it, but I’m hoping you still can provide them so I can share that with friends and family.
    Please copy my email with your answer, as I may not see it here for some time.

  2. I have used this blog for many reasons and just want to say thank you. You have put a ton of work into helping other people with their home improvement projects!

  3. Looking for an EXTERIOR spackling product to fill small nail holes in exterior vinyl trim for painting..

    1. We can recommend two spackling products for you:
      1) Patch-A-Wall Spackling Paste (Vinyl Spackling) 0658
      2) Vinyl Spackling Compound (Square or Round Container)
      0531 1 gal
      0532 1/2 pint
      0534 1 qt
      0538 1 pint
      0615 5.5 fl oz
      (sq has SQ after item#)
      Thanks for reading!

  4. I just received my #6295 EZ gripPainter’s 19 in one.. I would like to know how to open the small hatch to get the screwdrivers. Thank you.

    1. There is a round, oval nub on the opposite end of the handle. Just push the nub in and it will slide the screwdriver heads out. Good luck!

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