Product 101: Create-A-Color™ Caulk Coloring System Kit: Getting Optimal Results

Red Devil’s Create-A-Color Caulk is a quality formulation that has excellent adhesion, mildew resistant, interior and exterior performance, low odor and water clean-up. The advantageous formulation aside, there are methods and tips for ensuring an ideal finish. Get the most out of your Create-A-Color Caulk Coloring System Kit by following the suggestions below!

-This may seem obvious, but it is crucial that the surface you are caulking be clean and free of contaminants.

-Apply enough caulk for the job & do not remove too much material when tooling.

-For a neat, straight bead edge, mask both sides of joint with masking tape and remove the tape before skin forms.

-Do not apply when rain or freezing temperatures are expected! This will mess up the characteristics of the formulation such as adhesion, color, texture, etc.

-Final mixer stroke should be very slow & w/o rotation, in order to remove large air pops from color-matched caulk.


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