According to the Cost vs. Value Report of 2014 done by the Lowry Team, an award winning real estate team based in Cincinnati, there are a number of home improvement projects that may regain all, if not more, of the value back on cost investment in materials, labor, etc. when selling a home. Below, the projects are ranked from best to worst under mid-range and upscale project categories (Lowry, 2014). Keep in mind that these stats are subject to vary based on location, local trends, and local cost of investment (Lowry, 2014).

Mid-Range Projects

Best (redeem 100% or more value back on investment)(Lowry, 2014):

-Adding an attic bedroom (Lowry, 2014)

-Having a back up power generator (Lowry, 2014)

-Wood deck additions (Lowry, 2014)


-Home office remodel (only redeem about 50% or less back on investment!) (Lowry, 2014)

Big-Scale Projects

Best (redeemed 70% or more value back on investment) (Lowry, 2014):

-Garage door replacement (Lowry, 2014)

-Composite deck addition (Lowry, 2014)

-Vinyl window and siding replacements (Lowry, 2014)

-Bath remodel (Lowry, 2014)


-Master suite addition (Lowry, 2014)

-Roof replacement (Lowry, 2014)

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